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Its happening again.  Another shelf exam.  Another chance for me to show how little I actually know. 

And again, a boy may be the root of my problems.  This is getting ridiculous.  Am I really that boy-crazy?  Seriously.  This is BAD.  First there was the SurgeryBoy, and then there was the long-distance romance. And now there is SingleDad.

The worst bit? I used to be a huge advocate of being able to have a life and career.  I’m beginning to realise that I may not be able to have both.  I think that’s why I like SingleDad so much. Its like having an instant family.  Of course, I also know that he doesn’t take me seriously.  To him, I’m another pebble on the road for his collection.  Even if I wasn’t leaving in 3 weeks….we won’t last very long. Which is a pity because I really like him even though we’ve been out on only 2 dates.  He’s funny, intelligent, good looking, sensitive….

At times like these, I absolutely detest Mike and wish that he wasn’t engaged to another girl and that he would be miserable and alone all his life.  But I know that is childish.  After all, don’t we all deserve to be happy?



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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