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a self-prescribed day off…

Switched attendings the middle of last week.  Going to miss the guy.  I was afraid of him at first but I realised very quickly that in addition to being fairly easy-going, he really did care that I learnt new things everyday.  Having to get used to the new attending is fairly challanging since her style is so different.  But that’s life I suppose.

Also broke up with the boy.  I realised after his last visit that I’m too much of a high-maintainance person.  And the whole having to coordinate proper phone conversations was getting to be too dreary.  I mean, I don’t even call the RussianPrincess that often. The reason why we can maintain our intimacy is because we both know we are busy and when we both bother to call, its because we really are free and there’s time for a proper conversation.  I feel bad though because he took it rather badly.  But I seriously did not see the point in continuing especially when I could already see our end happening.  There is no good way to break up.  Breaking up via the phone is worse.  Granted I used to hate Mike for breaking up with me over the phone but then again, we did have a 2 1/2 yr history. With this one…it started out long distance so I felt breaking up the phone really wasn’t that big of a faux pas.  Still, he was upset.  He had realised too we would not last beyond June but according to him, he wanted to come and see me one last time and was upset that I had denied him that chance.  I just figured it was easier this way.  I would have been too stressed out in June with all the packing and moving and probably would have gotten irritated.  At least this way, the relationship could end fairly amicably instead of us having a major fight or something dramatic like that.

Was going to try to get some studying done today since I have black weekend next week and I am on call tomorrow.  But I’m feeling too tired to get much studying done.  So will go and have a personal day off.  Everyone else can take a hike.



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