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a day of luxury…

I got my haircut today. My second hair cut in Hyde Park and in the US in the 8 years I have lived here. It was *quite* traumatic but not as bad as the first time because the lady who cut my hair this time is Japanese. Still, this one said, hmm…round face…short hair? no no. you will look fat. let’s go with long layers. make your face look longer, thinner. Obviously I said yes. who wants to look fat right? But I kinda wanted to look different. Unfortunately, my resolve to change could not overcome my vanity. So once again, I look like I always do. short, a little round. with hair that desperately needs some coloring. green anyone?

After that, to mend my bruised ego, I went downtown where the Lord&Taylor at the Water Tower is closing down.  You know what that means? Desperate last minute must be sold sales.  Bought a black dress and another blouse.  Adding more pieces of clothing to my already large collection.  Moving in July is going to suck.

There’s something rather depressing when one shops at a closing down sale.  All the cheer seems to be taken out of the place.  Shopping becomes a frenzied affair, no longer a leisurely way to spend a day off.  Price tags are examined, discounts are desperately calculated.  The low price is no longer something to be celebrated, but rather something that is expected.

After that, I spent an obscene amount of money at Spa Nordstrom before deciding to be a cheapskate and bought some DIY hairdye at Dominicks.  Coloring my hair red tonight.  Pretty certain that with my black hair (ok, fine, dark brown), the red probably won’t be obvious, but I’m hoping it will suffice as a cheap way of having highlights.



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