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On Spitting

Maybe its because I grew up in a different country where gum is supposedly banned. And for the millionth time, we can chew gum, we just can’t sell gum. So if you somehow manage to find gum somewhere, nobody is going to catch you. Same thing with illicit drugs (i think!). If you possess enough on your body for your own consumption, they can’t charge you with trafficking.

Anyway, spitting. When I was growing up, I distinctly recall social studies lessons and civic lessons and commercials featuring the famous (but now defunct) Courtesy Lion telling us that spitting is bad. Spitting spreads diseases. It dirties the environment. In short, its bad. And yes, I realise its rather hypocritical of me to be talking about keeping my environment clean especially since well, my room looks like a pigsty. My previous roommate(s) and current roommate can testify to this. I have an inert inability to keep my room and surroundings clean. My version of what is clean is definitely bordering on the low-normal. But that is besides the point. At least I don’t spit on the floors of my room. IF you don’t spit on the floors of your house, you shouldn’t be spitting on the roads either. Ah. BUt then some would argue what if you spit into the sink. Well, don’t you normally wash that off with water? Are you going to tell me you are going to be washing your disgusting bacteria-filled spit off the side walk too?

I was walking to my shift today at the hotline, and there was this dude who kept spitting as he was walking behind me. I swear I felt the hairs on my arm stand up and I almost wanted to go up to him, twist his ear (as my teachers from my school would have done) and said, “that is not nice!”



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