another one down…

Finished my OB/GYN rotation yesterday.  Let’s hope I pass the shelf so I won’t have to re-take that exam.  I was a little upset because I knew I had studied really really hard for that exam and I felt I knew the material well.  But when I was taking the exam, it felt so foreign to me 😦  But then again, that’s not a new phenomeneon.  These shelf exams hit you hard.  Unless you are one of the AOA-bound geniuses.

On another note, got a pleasant surprise yesterday.  Found out I was accepted into a research progam for next year.  Which means I’m going to be on the 5-year med school plan instead of the traditional 4-year med school plan.  Sounds like college all over again.  But I’m really excited about it because I really didn’t think that I stood a chance at getting in.  Hip hip HOORAY!  I’m moving to DC 🙂  Assuming I can get all these visa problems sorted out.  sigh.  Its a good thing they sent this email to me this week because at least its Spring Break and I can sit in the OME office and cry for help…

Roommate made a subtle hint about how disgusting our apartment is so I’m going to take the hint and actually attempt to ‘clean’.  How, I don’t know.  I’m not the cleaning sort of gal.  Sigh.

Roommie is staying here for residency, something I’m sure she really wanted.  The boy I was seeing last winter (and who broke my heart *sob*) is staying here too.  That was a surprise because I thought he really wanted to go somewhere else.  I suppose the lure of the city is hard to resist.


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