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Match Day

Match day is tomorrow. The 4th years found out whether or not they matched on Mon. Tomorrow they will find out where they will be interns starting July. Match day is a major day for medical students. It signals the end of one journey, and the start of another. Wait…isn’t that supposed to be graduation? When they are ‘officially’ doctors? yeahhhh, if you watched ER back in the day, you’ll realise graduation is just another excuse for those people who rent graduation gowns to skint more money off us, for our parents to take pictures and show off their prodigal offspring. Match Day, that’s where the true rite of passage lies.

My roommate will find out where she is going tomorrow. So will a whole bunch of kids who I went to college with. And two guys that I’ve had crushes on for the past 3 years. So guess who will squeeze into that room where roughly 104 medical students every year op



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