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The light at the end of the Tunnel

Of all the rotations that I’ve done so far (surgery, peds, neuro, ophtho), Psych has to be the most exhausting of them all. Yes, I can see people falling out of their chairs in shock. Some probably laughing their pants off. Some groaning in disbelief.

But Psych is exhausting. I thought psych was a strong possiblity. I liked neuro even in college. But I thought Psych was mysterious. And that it would give me the opportunity to pursue some of the other advocacy work I am interested in doing. It would allow me to pursue both my interest in neurology and my advocacy work.

But I can’t do it. It is too emotionally draining. And then it makes me physically drained too. I dread going to work (something that has never happened before). Maybe its because its the Winter that is making me cranky. But everytime I find the silver lining in the cloud, and every once in a while, I do look forward to going to work …my day ends up in a million shattered pieces. I will take the long ass hours of surgery any day (not that I’m actually going to go into surgery … just using it as an example). At least I will have a damm good excuse for not doing my laundry the past 3 weeks.



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