Lady M

As a treat for mama on an incredibly long day at the doctor’s, I took her to Lady M at Orchard Central for some tea. Having tried the green tea crepes before, I thought we ought to give the chocolate one a try. And we also ordered the coconut as well. And you can’t have tea without, tea. So I ordered a pot of earl grey tea while mom ordered the lemon tea.

As a location, Lady M is located in an absolutely ideal location. Nice beautiful windows overlooking Orchard road. And it occupies two floors with a mezzanine in between the two floors. The decor was very clean and very inviting.

For a dessert shop that originated from New York, we were both very pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t terribly sweet. Desserts from the US tend to be super sweet but this really wasn’t. It was a really rather lovely way to end a stressful day.


I was was invited out to dinner with a colleague who hadn’t choose coupon at Morsels restaurant in Perak street. It’s on a street next to Rocher Mrt B exit and next to a gorgeous green mosque. The servings were all pretty small but we ordered about 6 different plates of food. Even with the $20 off it was about $80 for each of us. It’s not the cheapest meal I’ve had but the food was rather good. Very tastefully served and the waitstaff was extremely attentive. Overall I had fun but this restaurant wil, probably fall under the ‘special occasion’ category.

Pho street

Of all my pet peeves when it comes to restaurants, is the stubborn refusal to accept credit cards, especially if you are a restaurant that is part of a chain. If I wanted to pay cash, I would go to the neighborhood food center or food court. But if you are a proper restaurant, I expect you to accept credit cards.

That said, that was my only peeve with Pho Street. The food was pretty good and the prices decent. At least I didn’t feel as ripped off as I did with that Thai restaurant in Bedok Mall. The soup was pretty good too. I think So Pho is better but then again  So Pho isn’t located in Bedok Mall, which is a convenient place for me to grab a quick bite.

In case you are wondering, we had two entries and one appetizer for under $20. Not bad I reckon.

So Pho


As far as I can figure out So Pho has 2 branches in the East. One is located in Tampines Mall and the other is at Parkway Parade. I’ve eaten at both branches and ive been fairly impressed so far. The first time I was there I ordered the wrap your own spring rolls which was quite fun. And their peach  lemonade which was delicious.

On my second visit I ordered the fried spring rolls and a bowl of beef ball pho. The soup was amazing. And so addictive I literally polished it off. I thiught the spring rolls were a little too oily but they were certainly delicious. And price wise it was quite affordable. Definitely a must-return in my book.


Talad Thai

I was so excited when i found out a new Thai restaurant that purports to be affordable was going to open in Bedok Mall. Waited weeks before they were supposed to open but the restaurant opening was delayed by a week! Didn’t bode well. But i was optimistic.

Today we finally decided to give it a try. First of all, the price. For something a place that is supposed to be affordable…well $8.90 per entre dish is a bit steep. But then again, its a shopping mall eatery, so that’s doable, i guess. Even though I feel its still a bit on the higher end of things.

I ordered the curry chicken and mom ordered the roasted chicken with hainan rice. The curry was quite fragrant. The roast chicken was ok. But the serving size was quite small for $8.90. I think we had better food at Salathai. Expectations for this “affordable” thai eatery were certainly not met in the ‘affordable’ end of things. In terms of taste, I think only the Hainan rice was good. The curry was too overpowering.


Disappointment rating: HIGH