LifeBuoy Germ Board

So I stumbled upon this advertisement while trying to watch yet another Hercule Poirot episode that has been archived on YouTube. It is one of very few youtube adverts that I actually sit through. Its gross, and yet so beautiful at the same time. And absolutely brilliant.

My question, of course, is that do you really want to be completely germ free? After all, not all germs are bad. We live in a symbiotic existence with our germs. That said, this germ board is brilliant window advertising for a sanitizing product.

Year of the Monkey

Good morning everyone! And Happy Lunar New Year! It is the year of the Fire Monkey and I hope that everyone’s dreams and ambitions comes true!

In the meantime, please enjoy this hilarious commercial from Ikea (I’ll be honest, I don’t know if this is a general Asia Ikea advert or if its specific to Singapore, but its hilarious and fun). So enjoy!

Thai Noodle Bar at T3


So I had to work last Sunday, and by work, I mean, go into the office, switch on all the computers and make sure that they can still be switched on after some massive blackout the night before. p.s They worked.

Then I called Mom and met her at the airport for a super early lunch. Well, brunch. Except we had lunch food. There’s a new cafe that just opened, its called Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar and its at Basement 2 of Changi International Airport Terminal 3. Mom had heard my cousin talking about the special Thai roast meat noodles as well as mango sticky rice and so she really wanted to try that. I was in the mood for some tangy tasting noodles and ended up ordering a bowl of chicken boat noodles. Together with the honey lime juice, the total cost of our meal was $20. Not too shabby. I was expecting it to cost more, to be honest.

The roast park noodles was really good, a bit sweet in my opinion and I really liked the chicken thai boat noodles.

A week later we went back for a light snack. This time some mango rice pudding and Tom yam noodles were involved.

Again, really not too bad over all. The tom yam soup had a nice spicy and tangy taste to it.  And it was washed down very nicely with the honey lime juice.

Aoy Thai Noodle Bar
B2 Changi International Airport T3
Opening hours: 9.00am to 11.00pm (Sun to Thu), 24 hrs (Fri, Sat, and Eve of PH)

Ichiban Sushi


My sister and her kids came to visit and as a special treat for my nephew, we decided to take him for some udon. We went to Ichiban Sushi, which has one of those sushi things on the trolley belt. We went around 5.30ish pm, which is quite early for dinner. There was no one else in line, and even though there was a small podium that told us to wait there to be seated, there was no one there. So my sister took the initiative and walked down this narrow passage way to the main dining room and found someone who told her that not only were all the tables by the conveyor belt taken, there was no baby seat, which would have made it very difficult for us and my 1yo niece. Unfortunately, the nephew didn’t want to go anywhere else, so we had no choice. We were finally seated in a booth but it took a while for anyone to come and take our order. All this while, the baby niece is climbing all over her mother, wanting her exclusive attention, making it very difficult for my sister to order anything.

Eventually, we did get something ordered. In between feeding a very hungry baby, and a 4yo boy who doesn’t like to eat new things, and then having to distract said baby with a short walk to Cold Storage, where she proceeded to pick up avocados because she recognized her favorite food and nothing else was going to distract her from them. Seriously, other children like toys, my niece on the other hand prefers food.

Anyway, I thought that Ichiban Sushi was an ok restaurant. The food was pretty good (there’s a lot of msg in it, making me super thirsty) but the service was only so-so. I suspect part of it is either because they are short staffed or because their staff aren’t quite trained yet. I don’t know. It wasn’t extremely expensive. Nor was it super cheap. Will I go back there again? Probably. But only because the nephew wants to go back there. By myself? I think I might go upstairs to Ootaya instead.

Located in: Changi City Point
Address: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, B1-12/13, Singapore 486038
Phone:6636 1736

Sunday 10AM–8PM
Monday 10AM–8PM
Tuesday 10AM–8PM
Wednesday 10AM–8PM
Thursday 10AM–8PM
Friday 10AM–8PM
Saturday 10AM–8PM



OKG Express

As far as I can ascertain, Old Kim Guan (OKG) is known for their fried chicken wings. Recently they opened OKG Express at East Point Mall. Over the New Year’s weekend, we were looking for a new place to eat and thought we ought to give it a try since the students seem to rather enjoy eating there.

I ordered the Black Fungus Chicken while mother ordered Mei Cai Kou Rou, which roughly translates to salted vegetable with pork. They were both, surprisingly, quite good. The servings were small, each dish was supposed to be enough for only one person (ah…the perks of having a dinner companion). Between the two of us the total bill was about $15. Quite reasonable, I think.


Eastpoint Mall #B1-11

9.30am to 9.30pm

Mon delights

Right. It was Christmas last week and 2016 will be upon us in 4 days. So short working week. yay!

And in the meantime, this is a sweet Christmassy sort of a video. This man who looks a lot like Kris Kringle, was pretty much stalked by a little girl in a local store and when she finally worked up the courage to talk to him, he pretended to be the real thing so as not to disappoint her.

Over the weekend, I went to the Ferrero Rocher pop up store at Wisma Atria to watch how they make the famous Golden Chocolate Balls.

So first, they have to make some melted chocolate with cocoa and cocoa butter and it has to be at 50-60 degrees. Then they pick out the perfect wafer halves and fill it nutella, pop a whole walnut and put the two halves together before letting it solidify in the refrigerator.

After that, he pours out the chocolate that he was melting onto the mat to cool it down to 30 degrees before scooping it back up into the bowl.


Then he dips the wafer balls into the melted chocolate, picks it up with a modified fork, allows the excess chocolate to drop off on a cooling rack, and then puts it into a tray of chopped hazelnuts so that the chocolate can pick up the hazelnut coating.

And then he takes the hazelnut covered chocolates and dips it into the chocolate again. And voila! Ferrero Rocher, handmade, just as it was in the past. It looked absolutely delicious.


Too bad the chocolatier didn’t offer us any but I did get some chocolates for a friend. Her birthday just passed and instead of me getting her a present, she had brought me back a box of really delicious chocolates from the Peninsula in Hong Kong! I think its time to repay the kindness, don’t you?