I will now like to officially start panicking.

I start family residency next week. I’m scared. I haven’t seen an adult patient since my 3rd year of medical school. I’m a pediatrician. I know what to do if I have a diabetic kid or a kid with hypertension. Give me an adult and well, I would like to put my hands over my ears and wish it away. Please.

But now, I’m supposed to show up at an acute care clinic and care for patients as if I’ve been doing this for ages. I would like to cry now. Because I’m a physician with well patients most of the time. My primary focus is to keep kids well. And give vaccines. And to spot when they are ill and have them hospitalized. I’m not the kind of person who has been trained to take care of adults who have not been taking care of themselves and now expect me to fix their diabetes or their hypertension.


Image of the Week: Artificial Eyes


of all the organs, eyes gross me out the most. i don’t know if its because we had to dissect a cow’s eye in secondary school and weird black fluid oozed out after I did it or if its because i’m uncomfortable about getting so close to someone in order to rule out papilledema that i’m almost kissing them during a physical exam. But in all honesty, most physicians these days can’t really see papilledema unless if you are an ophotmologist. and even then, their patients have had their eyes dilated, so its a bit of cheating, if you ask me. I mean, even I can do a proper eye exam if i dilate the patient’s eyes. but i can’t do that, do I?

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Artificial eyes

Q: What connects Shakespeare, Sammy Davies Junior and Nick Griffin?

A: Artificial eyes, as featured in this Image of the Week. Shakespeare wrote of them in King Lear – “get thee glass eyes; and, like a scurvy politician, seem to see the things thou dost not” – whilst the other two either wore or wear one. And as this photograph shows, artificial eyes come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Artificial eyes have a fascinating history – and one which reflects changes in their purpose and design.

To select just three points on this journey:

Egyptian mummies were frequently given artificial eyes, often made from plaster-filled bronze, and the purpose of them was to allow the dead to see once in their next life.

Glass eyes. We don’t know a precise date when these emerged. However, given Shakespeare’s reference to them it seems likely they were about from at…

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Cantonese Proverbs in One Picture

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阿塗(Ah To) , a graphic designer and part-time cartoonist who concerns about the survival of Cantonese in Canton and Hong Kong, has just published a comic called ” The Great Canton and Hong Kong Proverbs” on Hong Kong independent media “ Passion Times “. The cartoon contains illustrations of 81 Cantonese proverbs.

“The Great Canton and Hong Kong Proverbs”
In 1559, Dutch artist Pieter Bruegel created the oil painting “Netherlandish Proverbs” which illustrates many Dutch proverbs to praise the Dutch culture. In 2014, Ah To imitated the idea and created “Great Canton and Hong Kong proverbs” illustrating 81 Cantonese proverbs to propagate the Cantonese culture and defend Cantonese.

81 Cantonese Proverbs 


(The 2 extra proverbs are the bonus given by the author. And audio clips only work on PC.)

1. cantoneseproverb67 上山捉蟹 [séuhng sāan jūk háaih]

(To catch crabs on a hill)
Harder than hard, almost impossible

2. cantoneseproverb1 鬼揞眼 [gwái ám…

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The world of Fanfiction

Am I the only one who has just discovered the crazy crazy world of fanfiction? Because after spending a week and a half watching all available episodes of Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I decided to google Miss FIsher’s Murder Mysteries, you know, to find quotes or pictures or at the very least, any news about when Season 3 would be available (turns out no decision has been made yet…*be calm my quivering heart*) and I discovered the world of fanfiction. I mean, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are based on real books written by a real author (I know because I googled that and I actually bought 4 of those books) which are slightly different from the TV show and there are these fans who write fiction based on the TV show. Some of it is pretty good (even with the mistakes…but that’s understandable when there’s no editor looking at every single word, every comma or full stop) and some of it is well, a little pornographic (also I learnt a new word…smut…) but surprisingly enough, I wasn’t as embarrassed as I was two years ago. Its just words. Apparently, people actually publish real books based on how popular their fanfiction is. But is it fair to the original creators? I mean, a lot of young adult fiction (especially the ones that are serialized) are written by many different authors (even though sometimes the same author gets credit for it) based on characters that were created by one person. But at least, they get paid for it. When these fanfiction authors get picked up for a book deal, original author be dammed. So where is the copyright or protection in this case?

My life as defined by TV

Apparently, my life is defined by television shows. It reads like a rather pathetic sentence. And truthfully, its worse if you are actually living it. But one can’t always hide from the truth, can I? First, there was Felicity, and that show started right before I started university in America and ended when I was midway through it. And then there was Gilmore Girls, and Sex in the City and Friends and that was a time in my life when I was (I thought) living an independent life with fabulous independent but also slightly clueless friends in my early 20s. How I Met Your Mother started as I was starting medical school and I had just broken up with who I thought was The One and I thought that looking for The One was important. And when I started residency, Doctor Who was given a new lease of life and I was at a stage of my life when I was looking for an escape. And now, just as I’ve wound down my life in the US, HIMYM has ended. I liked the ending, sort of. I really did wish that Ted and the Mother would grow old together but I suppose the ending that they gave us wasn’t all that unexpected. A bit of a coup out, in much the same way that Friends was a coup out…but it worked.

The battle against drug resistance just got tougher

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Dr Maceij BoniDo we have any leverage against drug-resistant organisms? Dr Maciej Boni explains the biological fitness cost of drug resistance and the worrisome scenarios that could develop if we lose this small advantage in our fight against drug-resistant pathogens. Dr Boni is a Wellcome TrustRoyal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow leading a research programme on the epidemiology and evolution of influenza in the tropics. Parts of his doctoral and postdoctoral work focused on developing public health strategies aimed at rolling back drug resistance.

Can we eliminate drug resistance?

In some areas of global health we have made great strides over the past decade. Although much remains to be done, great progress has been made in the fields of malaria, HIV, the neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis and many other infections. Maternal and child health have been improving, and funding for global health programmes has increased significantly. But the rise of…

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i wish i can be running around under a water fountain too

It is hot. Not Justin-Timberlake-hot, but sweaty-disgusting-melting-sticky hot. And because electricity is expensive and also because you use up a lot of water to cool down an air-conditioner, and also because the heat generated to cool down a room by an air conditioner contributes to global warming, the air conditioner is not being switched on in our two bedroom condominium. All so that my nephew can have a future on Earth. We hope. But in the meantime, he’s in London, running around in his adorable parka or whatever it is that his two-almost-three-year-old brain decides is appropriate. In exchange, his unemployed auntie is experiencing early menopausal symptoms both internally and externally. Good lord. I wish I’m 3 again or whatever age it is that is considered acceptable to be running around in diapers in what is essentially a shower outdoors in the guise of fun. Because I’m hot. In the overweight, definitely not attractive kind of hot. I’ve stuck my head in the freezer more than once in an attempt to cool down. And I’m this close to trying out frozen underwear except that our freezer has discounted fish fillet and well, its kind of gross to put your underwear in the freezer especially if its a family freezer. Although, if I’m living alone, I probably would have tried it already. Because, well, let’s be honest, its my own grossness, I can live with it. I can’t possibly make others live with my grossness too, right?